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The Value of All-Fiber Broadband Connectivity

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Homeowners want reliable, high-performance broadband service for instant access to Internet content, services, and applications from the many devices they have in their homes. Many broadband network technologies connect to the home, but only all-fiber networks deliver all of the following:


All-fiber networks deliver gigabit speeds and transmit data at faster rates than cable, DSL, and wireless networks.

SYMMETRICAL (Downstream & Upstream) ACCESS

All-fiber networks enable homeowners to download and upload data at the same high speeds, an important factor as homeowners share videos with family and friends.


All-fiber networks transmit at low latency, so there are no disruptions or annoying delays in accessing information.


All-fiber networks are highly reliable, so downtime is very rare.


All-fiber networks can support continuous enhancements and innovations that homeowners will need for decades to come

Homeowners increasingly recognize the need to have a home with an all-fiber network so that everyone in the house can surf the Internet, stream videos and music while staying connected to their IoT devices. Plus, not only can having all-fiber connectivity improve your Internet experience, but it could also INCREASE A HOME’S VALUE BY MORE THAN 3%

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions we get from homeowners and renters

What is "Fiber-to-the-Home"?

LUS Fiber is bringing fiber-to-the-home technology to a growing number of residents in the Lafayette area. This involves replacing the existing copper wire network with fiber optic cable and connecting it directly to residential and commercial buildings. Fiber optic cable is capable of delivering data at high speeds and has a much greater bandwidth capacity than copper.

Does any special equipment need to be installed?

LUS Fiber will need to place a new device called an ONT (optic network terminal) and other equipment at your home or business. This may or may not be where the old connection was, depending upon several factors. A separate power source will also need to be placed inside the premises within 50′ of the ONT. This power source has the battery backup power for the new equipment we are providing to avoid disruption during a power outage – and to maintain the ability to connect to 911 emergency services. This is necessary because the copper wiring previously used carried enough power to make things work without a separate source.
The backup batteries are expected to provide between 6-8 hours of power in the event power loss has been detected. The cost of the additional power needed for this device will be negligible. In some cases, new wiring inside the house will be required to ensure that service can be delivered at the desired level of quality.

What about my personal property?

Property owners are required to allow access as needed for upgrades as a condition of membership in the cooperative. LUS Fiber will make every effort to leave personal property in good repair at the end of the project.

What other benefits will FTTH bring?

By upgrading to FTTH, LUS Fiber will be able to provide the absolute latest technology for the next generation, which may also lead to increased property values and promote economic development.

Where will the new fiber be installed?

The new fiber cable drop will follow the path of the existing electrical drop to the home or commercial building

Why whould I want fiber run directly to my home?

By providing fiber optic cable “to the home,” LUS Fiber will be able to deliver voice service, high-speed Internet, and even TV all over one line and still have room for any new telecommunication technologies that may be developed over the next 20-30 years.

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